New #SCBBLSHOW Episodes

The #SCBBLSHOW happens weekly on Wednesdays. We interview local businesses & entertainers. Check out our special guest of the week!

Fridays with Fathers Series: “We Have Something to Say” allows us to hear from active, engaged, and caring fathers. Black men often get a negative rep in more ways than one. This is our opportunity celebrate & hear more about fatherhood and family from their perspective.

The #SCBBLSHOW | 2020 Local Elections Series aims to bring local candidates and community influencers to your living rooms to help us all make educated decisions this election. Tune-in and share with others!

Mondays with Moms – 8 Week Series: The Homeschool Edition was amazing! These moms poured out their hearts & remedies for a healthy and balanced home in spite of the unexpected. These are a must watch!

Free Fish Fry Social

2nd Sunday of July 2020

Juicy Steaks USA said let’s have a fish fry for the amazing folks who took action & listed in the directory. Space is limited, so sign up ASAP!

Here’s why: 

  1. Listing your business in a targeted directory means you take your company seriously. 
  2. We know that only those who are about boss moves will attend (or maybe booked already).
  3. We’re focused on power moves & we know part of that is electing the right local officials to be in office, along with presenting our demands.
  4. If you’re registered to vote, great! If not, attend and let us assist with that. Also, if you’re looking for guidance, come out & let’s talk. 

All event details are on the flyer. Register today by clicking the button below. Each of you should be an accountability partner for a friend and make sure they’re both listed on #SCBBL & are registered to vote. We’ve got to make moves y’all. See you all as we enjoy some good ole lowcountry fried fish. 

Social Distancing is of priority, hence the open community park. Bring your face masks, water coolers, lawn chairs, and let’s have some laid back, social fun! Any questions, please reach out to us.

Register Here

#SCBBL Business Plan Virtual Workshop

July 16, 2020 8:00 PM

We’ve all heard that no plan is a plan to fail. #SCBBL presents a virtual workshop to assist businesses with creating a business plan.

Join us in a session sponsored by J. Michael Cole of Northwestern Mutual, a Financial Advisor & Growth and Development Director. He too is in the business of helping businesses, also families. Bring your pen and pad to take notes, learn, and apply. Also, jot down any questions you’d like to get answered. We hope to see you in session.