Natural Bath & Body

Natural Bath & Body

Goat Milk Soap
Address: 29209
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Short Business Description: Homemade Natural Soap and Soy Wax Candles
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AudreyJames Candle Co. makes homemade natural soap. We also offer goat milk soap, and shampoo bars. Many items such as goat milk and tea leaves used are sourced here in South Carolina.

Business Website Address: AudreyJames Co.
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Belle’s Body Satin makes Artisan Soaps, Lotions, Bath Gels, Whipped Body Butters, using natural plant-based and organic ingredients in our products. These ingredients address issues of dry, oily and sensitive skin. We test our products on family, friends and never on animals. The oils used are paraben phthalate free, while products requiring preservatives are formaldehyde-free.

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Short Business Description: Skincare
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BeYoutiful Essentials Bath & Body is a handmade natural skin care products with natural & organic butters & oils.

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Bubblelush Bath Co
Address: Dallas, TX
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Bubblelush Bath Co offers luxury bath products handcrafted in small batches. Soaps, oil, foaming sugar scrubs, herbal foot soaks, CBD facials, CBD bath bombs, and liquid lipo. Mobile spa services also if your in Dallas.

Business Phone Number: 904-444-2791
Address: 29468
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Daneesha’s Scents N Chill, a Scentsy Independent Consultant, is a direct selling company that offers a fragrant-filled and safe alternative to candles. We offer warmers, wax bars, laundry products, along with scented, decorative, accessories for cars, backpacks, and small spaces.

We have current partnerships with MLB, NFL, and Disney! Our latest products feature wall fan diffusers and other unplugged options like our fragrance flower.

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Business Phone Number: 843-991-6609
Miraj Naturals, LLC
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Miraj Naturals, LLC is a home grown skin care line designed with love by mom for her two babies. As a new mom both of my babies suffered from eczema and atopic dermatitis. After multiple visits to pediatricians and dermatologist, with prescription of topical steroids, I became fed up with cost. In addition, I thought that I was giving my babies steroids.

With determination to help my children I developed creams and bath additives to help soothe their skin. After years of using my formulas with my kids and myself, I now bring it to the public to be able to use. I hope you enjoy.

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Business Phone Number: 440-462-9057
Nia Personal Care
Address: 790 Patch Drive
Spartanburg, SC
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Short Business Description: Specializing in all things African Personal Care.
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Nia Personal Care offers a variety of African Personal care items. Homemade body butters, fragrance oils, Raw African black soap, Hair Care products, healing teas and bitters, black seed oil & more!

Business Phone Number: 828-980-1185
Royal Lips & Accessories
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Short Business Description: Handmade Natural Honey Facial Mask
Sugar Lip Scrub
African Print Jewelry
Beaded Bracelet
LifeIzRealOutcha Apparel
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Hi! I’m Mone the Teen CEO and Creator of Royal Lips & Accessories. We are based out of Charleston Sc.
Being an entrepreneur has always been my dream and family dream ever since I was a little girl. To finally start to pursue my dream is really fun and exciting to start.
I believe opportunity calls everyone you just have to embrace it and work hard. #Thank you for your time and support. Blessings 🦋

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Business Phone Number: (843) 584-9158
Shana’s Natural Creations
Short Business Description: Hand made natural skin care products.
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At Shana’s Natural Creations we create and make all natural skin care products. We have a facial line that consist of a face wash, moisturizer and serum. Natural deodorant, lotion, soaps, lip balms, and beard oils.

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Wicked Candle Company
Address: 26 Brockman Drive
Charleston, SC
Short Business Description: 100% Organic Handpoured and Handpainted Hemp-Wicked Candles:
We design unique Hemp-Wicked Candles!
Naturally healthy aromatherapy and beauty products:
We create, craft, and pour our products by hand, locally in Charleston.
Check back often for new 100% all-natural & organic Candles, Bath & Body products!
We are plastic-free and we never test on animals.

Your purchase supports the Nature Conservancy!
Long Business Description:

Welcome! Wicked Candle Company is a women-owned business located in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. We are fond of candles, feeling great, and puns!

We created this company to share our passion for natural, clean candles and body and bath wares. We were sick of all the extra junk and synthetic fillers in our store-bought candles and body products, and we would like to share our vision with you!

We are dedicated to pure, additive-free, healthy and eco-friendly products with NO synthetic chemicals!

Our candles clean your room so you don’t have to!!

Wicked Candle Company candles are a carefully crafted blend of pure beeswax and natural soy wax.

Beeswax naturally purifies the air by releasing negative ions that neutralize air contaminants, like dust and pollen. Beeswax candles are healthy and may help with the symptoms of asthma, hay fever, and allergies! Plus, it has a wonderful, sweet aroma!

Soy wax is made from oil from the soy vegetable, is non-toxic and burns cleanly. It has a low melting point and a long burning time.

We NEVER use paraffin wax in any of our products, and we encourage every candle-lover to beware of paraffin wax candles and synthetic, toxic dyes and fragrances in their candles AND body products!!

Aromatherapy is our jam! 100% pure essential oils are used to scent Wicked Candle Company candles. Benefit from the Earth’s plants naturally! Essential oils have healing and therapeutic properties that may alleviate many ailments.

Our small-batch bath and body product line is made with natural and pure ingredients; NO synthetic fillers or chemicals!

All of our products are made by hand, carefully crafted with you in mind. Is there something that you’ve been wanting? Have you been searching for a particular kind of body product but cannot find it without weird ingredients? Tell us!! We welcome suggestions and requests! We will be glad to help you feel beautiful in your own skin, naturally, without all the bad stuff.

We create, handpour and handpaint all of our designs.

We will be thrilled to personalize for you or your occasion. All of our products are the perfect party favor or special event gift!

Getting hitched in Charleston? Our sugar and salt scrubs are the ideal favor to beautify your bridesmaids skin and give them the perfect glow for your big day! Small candles commemorating your event are a great party favor for your guests. We will theme your candles and body and bath products to your occasion. Please contact us by email, phone, Instagram or Facebook if you would like us to service your wedding or special event!

Become a Wicked Candle Company Candle Club Member!

We are committed to being environmentally-friendly. We are plastic-free. We love our products so much, we test on ourselves, never on animals!!

We encourage all of our candle-lovers and body product users to recycle your containers, OR bring them back for a refill!

After 10 wax refills in ANY container of your choice, Candle Club Members earn a FREE 4 ounce Candle of the Month! Check our Instagram for the current Candle of the Month selection @Wicked.Candle.Co


Business Phone Number: 540-219-6246