New #SCBBLSHOW Episodes

The #SCBBLSHOW happens weekly on Wednesdays. We interview local businesses & entertainers. Check out our special guest of the week!

Fridays with Fathers Series: “We Have Something to Say” allows us to hear from active, engaged, and caring fathers. Black men often get a negative rep in more ways than one. This is our opportunity celebrate & hear more about fatherhood and family from their perspective.

The #SCBBLSHOW | 2020 Local Elections Series aims to bring local candidates and community influencers to your living rooms to help us all make educated decisions this election. Tune-in and share with others!

Mondays with Moms – 8 Week Series: The Homeschool Edition was amazing! These moms poured out their hearts & remedies for a healthy and balanced home in spite of the unexpected. These are a must watch!