A Deeper You Inc.
Address: 3255 Landmark Drive, Bldg 200, Suite 206, North Charleston, SC
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Short Business Description: We are a holistic counseling organization dedicated to helping our patients become the best version of themselves through coaching and ongoing counseling.
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While the use of pharmaceuticals is necessary at times, A Deeper You’s primary focus is natural and holistic healing and wellness. Using the five-branch method of Paracletos Christian counseling which blends clinical tools with biblical principles infused with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, A Deeper You gets to the root of your issues and helps you to resolve them.

A Deeper You is an empowering therapeutic organization that embraces the concept of healing the overall needs of a person’s mind, soul, and body. Through our various natural holistic healing programs and therapies, our clients are directed on a journey to different techniques of self-healing, which causes a reconnect of clarity in ones’ divine purpose and equips them to rise above life’s storms.

Our approach teaches the importance of fellowship with “The Giver of all Knowledge.” A Deeper You equips God’s children with how to release a domesticated state of consciousness and embrace their true son-ship as a son of God. As clients learn about self-awakening through direct contact with God, many students release inner fears and stumbling blocks that hinder growth.

Natural healing yields many benefits. For instance, when you receive counseling for depression or emotional disturbance, your body stress levels are lowered. Lowered stress levels lead to healthier decisions, and healthier decisions lead to a healthy life and body. A Deeper You wants you to know how to increase energy, find solutions to bothersome health-related conditions, and learn about natural products and practices that deliver wellness to the entire body. You no longer have to live with pain and depression.

A Deeper You offers a large array of products for your health convenience. Our products are effective, and easy on your budget and lifestyle. While traditional medicine can be useful for some individuals, we promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
A Deeper You clients deeply venture into a lifestyle change to a healthy you using our natural holistic healing. If you are ready to live a healthier life with your body, mind, and soul in alignment with God, contact us today. We are here to help.

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Taking the First Step Counseling & Educational Services, LLC
Address: 222 Varnfield Drive, Summerville, SC 29483
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Short Business Description: Private counseling practice
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Are you feeling overwhelmed, filled up, emotionally and mentally exhausted? Then, you may be experiencing symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety, or grief. Sometimes, we just need a place to let it all go! In addition, a place without judgment, stereotype, or societal restraints. Come and talk to an experienced, African American counselor, at Taking the First Step Counseling & Educational Services LLC. Here, we are compassionate and offer individualized treatment. Let’s work together to move to a positive place. It’s never too late to take the first step!

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Business Phone Number: 8433242828
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